The Crossing, 7/166 Cashel St, Christchurch, NZ
The Crossing, 7/166 Cashel St, Christchurch, NZ
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Felt Donkey - Violet
Felt Donkey - Violet
Felt Donkey - Violet
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Felt Donkey - Violet

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Violet is a gorgeous dappled grey Donkey Mare, resplendent in her smart red saddle and bridle. Her luscious mane is finished off with a jaunty yellow tassel - a must for every sun-loving beach babe at Blackpool.

Violet has her name sewn onto her tummy and a signature wooden heart button. In keeping with their seaside home, each donkey is presented with a vintage seaside postcard – perfect for messages, or just for fun.

Our wonderful new Blackpool Beach Donkeys are made with organic woollen felt, coloured with eco-friendly dyes. The donkeys are blanket-stitched by hand and have carefully needle-felted faces, ears and hooves. Gorgeous hand embroidered saddle cloths, cotton velvet bridles, tiny bells and pretty silk tassels all add up to making them truly irresistible!

Measuring 40cm long x 33cm high to the top of the ears!

Not suitable for children under 3.

hand felted

Care instructions:
Dampen a soft,clean cloth with cool water and spot clean